Courtney Vernier -- Professional Portrait Artist

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I have made my living as a professional portrait photographer since 2006, after graduating from the University of Michigan; however, my love affair with photography started around the tender age of 5 with a little, pink, Kodak camera.  Despite the fact that the images I created with that camera showed a certain aptitude towards a successful career amongst the ranks of the paparazzi, I set my sites on a career in Portraiture and haven't looked back.

Today, I am more enamored with the field of Professional Photography than ever before. One of my favorite things about my career path is that every session is a chance to get to know somebody. It's important to me that I create portraits that are not only beautiful, but that move people. Ten years from now, I want my client to look at the portrait of their newborn  and remember how small and light that little bundle felt in their arms. I want my client to look at the portrait of their grandfather with his Purple Heart and remember the pride that filled his voice when he spoke about his service to this country.  I want my clients to look at the family portrait that hangs in their empty nest and remember what their home sounded like when it was bustling with the activity of teenagers. Most importantly, I want my client to feel beautiful and confident every time they look at a portrait I've made of them.

You may have noticed, but we certainly don't suffer from a shortage of cameras or people who are willing to accept money to take mediocre pictures these days. As a professional, I hold myself to a higher standard both photographically and as a business person.  The word "professional" instills confidence in a person's competency to perform at a high level, and I take the responsibility very seriously.  Likewise, I seek clients who value my artistry, experience and skill set.  High quality portraiture is an investment, certainly. It's also one of very few possessions that you'll ever own that become priceless.

When was the last time you made time to create a portrait that you will enjoy for years to come? Let's talk.

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